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Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Higher Repeat Customer Rate

Turn Customers into Referral Engines


Encourage customer loyalty

Build customer relationships with loyalty incentives, deals of the week and other specialty deals, store credits and rewards, and more.

Collect reviews

Import text, photo, and video reviews from other platforms, and customers leave new ones, all on one easy-to-use and easy-to-view Reviews page.

Allow Re-orders & Run Sales

Allow your customers to re-order what they've already purchased or run an email campaign on a special deal.

An all-in-one solution for your business to increase sales, reduce overhead, boost customer loyalty, and offer rewards, deals, and incentives.

Why should you
choose Customerflo?

• Easy to install, no coding necessary
• Email marketing integration with Zendesk® and Klaviyo®
• First-of-its-kind complete customer portal
• Clean, navigable dashboards for you and your customers
• Compatible with both print-on-demand and non-print-on-demand enterprises
• Great value as it replaces several standalone apps
• Boost sales and brand loyalty through all-in-one customer interactions

What can your business do with Customerflo?

• Offer incentives, rewards, credits, and special deals
• Increase sales and brand loyalty with integrated marketing
• Save money on standalone apps
• Consolidate reviews and customer information

What can Customerflo do for your business?

Offer you an easy-to-use UX/UI with a clean dashboard where you can:

• Easily navigate your sales, revenue, and reviews
• Search and see customer information
• Integrate Klaviya® and Zendesk® to send out email blasts with new deals
• Add specialty deals like a deal-of-the-week or birthday deals
• Manually issue customer credits for loyalty or in lieu of refunds
• Import and consolidate reviews from other platforms

Give your customers an all-in-one portal that allows them to easily:

• Search and shop inventory
• View previous orders and reorder items with just 2 clicks
• See existing store credits and earn new ones
• Access specialty deals
• Leave text/photo/video reviews and view their own and others’ reviews
• Contact you directly with questions or concerns

Plus, look for new features coming soon:

• Track upsales and downsales
• Add and integrate SMS and email campaigns


  • Package
  • Order Volume
  • Monthly Cost/ Revenue share on upsells
  • Features
  • Customer Contacts (Unique customers in your email list)


  • Up to 100 orders, then .10/order
  • $67/mo 1% of upsell revenue
    • Reviews
    • Credits
    • Deal of week
    • Unlimited Emails
  • 1,000


  • Up to 500 orders, then .05/order
  • $149/mo 1% upsell revenue
    • Medium
    • Zendesk integration
    • Klaviyo Integration
    • Unlimited Emails
  • 10,000


  • Up to 2,000 orders, then .03/order
  • $297/mo 1% upsell revenue
    • Growth +
    • Account manager
    • Unlimited Emails
  • 10,000


  • Over 2,000 orders

$70 for each additional 5,000 customer contacts

SMS/MMS (MMS = 3 credits)
2500 SMS/MMS credits == $22.50 (minimum)
$45 for each 5,000 credits.

7 day free trial Upsell revenue == reorder or deal of the week revenue

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